A selection of the exposure we can offer our sponsors during 2018. Please get in touch with us for a full sponsorship proposal!

Social media

  • Video blogs
  • Social media coverage on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube reaching up to over 200 000 people


  • Features in  multiple car magazines, both Swedish and International magazines


  • Bilsport Performance Custom show - Elmia,  Sweden Easter  2018.  Biggest car and MC  show in  Scandinavia  with  90 000 visitors
  • Timeattacknu.SE, Sweden - On track & promotion events
  • World  Time Attack Challenge - October 2018, Sydney Australia


World Time Attack Challenge 2017 key stats

Attendance:                                                                           22 000

Livestream Views:                                                              924 887

Facebook 7 Day Reach:                                                  2 693 659

lnstagram Impressions:                                                  591 078

Website visits (Sessions over 30 days):                          186 492

Competitors:                                                                              152

Sponsors I Exhibitors:                                                                 91

Live stream is available on YouTube after the event which raises the exposure even further. Highlights from the event is shown on Australia Fox Sports channel (https://www.foxtel.com.au/tv-guide/Motorsport-World-Time-Attack/91048493)

Our 2018 WTAC Goals

We have a very ambitions upgrade plan that will allow us to aim for the top spot in the Pro AM class.

Top 5 in each class gets to do the "Shootout". The Shootout gives the top 5 cars one timed lap at the time with full TV coverage and commentators following the car around for the full duration of the lap.

This gives our car and sponsors ~90 seconds of undivided attention from the audience as well as the livestream and media coverage.