This is a custom built race car with CFD developed professional aerodynamics, carbon fiber body, 3.1l  16v 4 cylinder turbo engine with 950 bhp, 6-speed sequential gearbox with paddle shifting, Öhlins dampers and much, much more.

This is a World Class Time Attack car.

Revline Porsche 968 GT1

Weight: 1100 kg

Power: 950 HP I 866 Nm

Engine: 3.1l 16v 4 cylinders with dry sump and B&W EFR9280 turbocharger.

Gearbox: Kaps Transmissions 6-speed sequential with Geartronics paddle shifting

Suspension front: Double a-arms, Öhlins ILX36 dampers. AP Racing brakes and custom uprights, blade style sway bars

Suspension rear: Porsche 996 Cup multilink and brakes, Öhlins ILX36 dampers, blade style sway bars

Body: Carbon fiber body and aerodynamic devices developed in CFD by AMB Aero.